The Vocal Inhaler

Why People Enjoy The Vocal Inhaler

The Vocal Inhaler from Singer's Tea

The Vocal Inhaler

A vibrant inhaler that opens up the singers resonators, frees respiration and provides an energetic buzz to prepare you for singing! The Inhaler is a must in preparing for meditation and for any vocal stage performer who may need to quickly, easily and naturally get more air.

Suggested Use:

Hold under your nose and breathe easily a few times. It is suggested The Inhaler aids in relaxing so take a few minutes, close your eyes and focus on calm breathing and enjoy the increased oxygen and ease in breathing.

Purchase The Vocal Inhaler

You can purchase the Vocal Inhaler here to start enjoying it’s beneficial effects for your respiration and vocal health. Or you can choose to purchase it in combination with our two tea blends for singers in the Singer’s Tea Kit.