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Welcome to Singers Tea Vocal Health Products. Learn about Vocal Health Products including the vocal inhaler and various blends of tea for singers and shop online for vocal health products.
Our Singer’s Teas are made of the finest blends, learn more about the selection and production process of each of our high quality tea blends that will help sustain and recuperate your voice. See random people test The Vocal Inhaler and describe the beneficial effects they experience. Or view individual vocal health product descriptions to learn more about each tea blend.

Vocal Health Products By Singers For Singers

Each of Singer’s Tea’s health products has been blended with the highest quality standards in mind. All products have been selected and tested by singers for singers. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do. Contact Singer’s Tea directly with your questions or comments.

Singer’s Tea Vocal Health Products & Services

Including Singer’s Tea & The Vocal Inhaler:

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  • Chee Nassah Rann - Singer's Tea

    Chee-Nassah-Rann Singers Tea


    The Chee-Nassah-Rann singers tea contains a blend of three imported mints, Ginseng, Gota Kola and some essential mint oils.Enhances energy and focus by increasing blood circulation to the head, neck, coating the throat and augmenting mental focus. Learn more about Vishudda Singers Tea products

  • Chop Chee Rann - Singer's Tea

    Chop-Chee-Rann Singers Tea


    Chop-Chee-Rann Singers Tea contains a blend of Chinese green tea, one wild peppermint, eucalyptus and essential mint oils.For a full body cleansing, increased respiration and healing properties for revitalizing a tired voice.

  • Singers Kit - Singer's Tea

    Singers Tea Kit


    The Vishudda Singers Tea Kit contains: 1 bag of Singer’s Tea (4oz), 1 bag of Sacred Mint (4oz), 1 Vocal Inhaler
    Learn more about Singers Tea products

  • Vocal Inhaler - Singer's Tea

    The Vocal Inhaler


    (The Awakened Breath)
    A vibrant inhaler that opens up the singers resonators, frees respiration and provides an energetic buzz to prepare you for singing! The Vocal Inhaler is a must in preparing for meditation and for any vocal stage performer who may need to quickly, easily and naturally get more air.

    Suggested Use:

    Hold under your nose and breathe easily a few times. It is suggested The Vocal Inhaler aids in relaxing so take a few minutes, close your eyes and focus on calm breathing and enjoy the increased oxygen and ease in breathing.